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Deposit payment form

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If you are receiving this link, it means that you have been in touch with, and have discussed specifics with a Barnacle Ink representative or artist and, have not yet paid the required deposit amount du for your current project.
You might also receive this link if you have had a late cancelation or did not show to a previous appointment, and hope to schedule at new.
Deposits are required to book an appointment and to secure it in our agenda.

Price: $0.00

Purpose and conditions of deposits

- Deposit is required for the time the artist spends on your project, and to ensure your tattoo appointment is being booked. The deposit is non-refundable other than as a voucher off of your tattoo time. Cost of deposit may vary depending on complexity, size, and requirements. Basic deposit fee is $125. Depending on the project, required deposit amount may vary. - Deposits are valid for nine months from date of reception (unless booked further ahead in agreement with the artist schedule). - Deposits will be held and taken off the final payment of the tattoo. This ensures that a deposit is left for any consecutive appointments. - 48-hour notice is required to postpone or cancel an appointment, otherwise you will lose your deposit, and a new deposit will be required to secure a new appointment. No matter the excuse, or the reason. Depending on the project, the amount of the penalty may vary. Lost deposits are non-redeemable. - If a Gift Certificate is used to pay for the project and the Gift Certificate is deemed sufficient to cover the deposit required and no deposit is requested, the Gift Certificate may be used to cover for no show/ last minute cancelation. In which case the Gift Certificates will be rendered null or lesser in value. Please note that the Gift Certificates are non-refundable, do not expire unless otherwise specified, and can only be used in exchange of their value in tattoo time.
Price: $0.00

If the booking application form is not submiting or is malfunctioning, please contact us through email at: ADMIN@BARNACLE.INK. We are excited to receive your applications, and look forward to working on your projects. We value your time and ideas, and are always working towards making your website experience better.

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Barnacle Ink - Tattoo shop Logo. Tattoo shop in Nanaimo, British-columbia. 119 Nicol Street, Nanaimo

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