Tattoo Gift Certificate Holiday Special! Barnacle Ink, Nanaimo Tattoo

The 2023 deal!!

Until December 31st, for any amount you decide to put down on a gift certificate, get 20% in value added.
Additionally, for any amount above $600, get an – extra -> 5%!
– Gift certificates can be purchased online via the website, or in-store.

– Discounts and promos are non-cumulative other than as stated.
– Gift certificate holiday special promo effective until December 31st 2023 at 11:59pm.
– Please note that the Gift Certificates are non-refundable, do not expire unless otherwise specified, and can only be used in exchange of its value in tattoo time.
– A deposit may be required upon booking depending on the complexity, size, and requirements of the project.
– If the Gift Certificate is deemed sufficient to cover the deposit required and no deposit is requested, the Gift Certificate may be used to cover for no show/ last minute cancellation. In which case the Gift Certificate will be rendered null or lesser in value.
There will be no exchange of personal information through our socials.
Any finalizing communication will be through our domain emails (

Gift Certificates

Get a life lasting gift for a friend or family member.

Tattoo parlor gift certificate for the lovers of Ink!

Here is where, without a doubt, you will successfully find the right gift. Let’s not kid ourselves! Who doesn’t like tattoos in this day and age?

To make things easy, first simply fill out the form, then process the amount you would like to gift, and finally we will get back to you as quickly as we can (typically within 24 hours)! Furthermore, if you would like us to add a personal touch to your certificate, let us know in the “comment or message” section.

If any promo apply, it will be directly added to the certificate you will receive.
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The personal note to the receiver you'd like added to the certificate.

If the booking application form is not submiting or is malfunctioning, please contact us through email at: ADMIN@BARNACLE.INK. We are excited to receive your applications, and look forward to working on your projects. We value your time and ideas, and are always working towards making your website experience better.

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