Barnacle Ink - Hall of Fame

It is always with great honour that we welcome new talented passengers, and with great sadness that we see them go. To commemorate their company, and to better wish them leeward winds for their quest, here is the Barnacle Ink – Hall of Fame.

Here, you will find a link to the past, future, and present guest artist who for a moment chose to sail along with us.

– Fair Winds and Following Seas –

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Leila Newton
Guest Artist – July 26th 2023

Main Tattoo Styles
(but not limited to)

Illustrative | Neo-Traditional | New School | Classic Americana | Fine Line | Stippled | Japanese inspired | Blackwork

Leila is a 2nd generation tattooer born and raised in tattoo shops in Austin Texas. She started working summers at Legendary Southside Tattoo at 15. She now owns Ghostdog Tattoo—a private studio on Haida Gwaii, while traveling several times a year to work in Austin, Vancouver, and various places across BC. Leila enjoys working in a mix of styles, and especially loves working with clean lines and vibrant colour. Her favourite subjects to tattoo include any kind of plant or animal, especially flowers and birds. She is always excited to meet new clients and take on new projects, so reach out to book some time!

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Aria Simpson, Aria Simpson art, Aria Simpson tattoo, eathlingaria, nanaimo tattoo, vancouver island tattoo, guest artist, tattoo guest artist, barnacle ink, barnacle ink tattoo, barnacle ink nanaimo
Aria Simpson
Guest Artist – June 22nd – July 6th 2023

Main Tattoo Styles
(but not limited to)

Dot work | Geometric | Stipple shading | Floral | Fine Lines

I’ve been putting art on anything and everything for as long as I can remember. From being a toddler and painting tattoos on my body with nail polish (which didn’t come off for weeks) to drawing all over the walls. I just can’t help but add a bit of art to everything wherever I go. I’m very grateful that now I get to put art on people for a living!

I started professionally tattooing in 2022 when I moved from Oklahoma to Fort St. John to be with my now husband. I had no job lined up when I got there but knew tattooing was what I wanted to do. I put together a portfolio, went to the best shop in town and started my apprenticeship the very next day! 

I have a background in graphic design and love using that knowledge to create wicked intricate geometric tattoos.

When I’m not tattooing you’ll find me outside all the time. Camping, hiking, foraging, and climbing are the bomb! Nature is my favourite thing to take inspiration from and I love tattooing anything inspired by the earth’s beauty.

See more of Aria's work:

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