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Designing of your tattoo.

From the initial spark that entertains the wild idea of getting a tattoo, to the burning sensation of getting the tattoo itself, there is a process that is shared with your tattoo artist.

-How does it work?
– What do I need to do to facilitate the tattoo artist job?
-How do I find and translate my ideas?
– What is the tattoo artist role in the process?

Here you will find answers to all kind of questions we may be asking ourselves about the creative process.

Planning your tattoo adventure? Great! Here’s the lowdown on how to get the ink of your dreams with Barnacle Ink:

  1. Dive into the tattoo inspiration pool. Start by gathering cool ideas and images that tickle your fancy.

  2. When you’ve got a clear vision, use our Booking Request form to reach out to us. Attach your inspiration pics and describe your tattoo idea.

  3. We’ll need the nitty-gritty details:

    • What’s your tattoo idea?
    • Any references you gathered from that inspo pool?
    • Where’s it going on your body?
    • Are there any neighboring tattoos or quirks to consider?
    • Is it a cover-up job?
    • Black and grey or a colorful masterpiece?
    • Got a specific style in mind?
    • How big? Give us the inches!
    • Describe your skin tone (helps us pick the right pigments).
    • How much artistic freedom are you granting our talented artists?
  4. If you’re all about that in-person experience, we’ll set up a meeting. The artist will get the necessary measurements to avoid or to integrate your existing tattoos.

  5. After we’ve swapped all the necessary info, the artist will whip up some appointment options for you. Ready to embark on this tattoo journey? Let’s make it happen! ⚓🖌️

A deposit (amount estimated in accordance with the size, complexity, and placement of the project) will be required before any drawing is worked on, or appointments booked. This deposit can only be used as store credit within the following 9 months.

The deposit will be lost if cancellation or request for rescheduling is not done prior to 48 hours of the set appointment. Rescheduling in accordance with that time frame can be done no more than twice in a row, otherwise resulting in the loss of your deposit. Once the deposit is made, your booking is secured, and a confirmation is sent.

Next step following this? All you need to do is sit back and relax!

Every artist has a different creative approach. Most of us work better under the pressure of a deadline, which means that we are constantly starting our next project a day or 2 before the actual appointment. Some of us will be happy to share some sketches (for big projects mostly, or if we feel the need to inquire about the alignment of some elements), but for the most part, we trust that by choosing us you have done your research and are confident with our styles and abilities to capture the essence of your ideas. This means in most cases, you won’t see the design before the appointment.

This last point is one of the reasons it is important to do your research before you choose your artist. You need to know what the artist loves to work with, what they specialize in and if this suits you. It’s a mutual trust situation; one that even in the eventuality where if you don’t ever meet again, will stick with you for life.

If you can’t make up your mind on who to choose for your project, ask us. It will be a pleasure to direct you to who we believe will be the perfect fit!

Barnacle Ink - Tattoo shop Logo. Tattoo shop in Nanaimo, British-columbia. 119 Nicol Street, Nanaimo

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